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Market Research Manager


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Seleste joined the Hahn Public team in 2017 as the company’s market research manager. Her primary role is serving client’s research needs; including skillful use of both quantitative and qualitative research methods. As the research manager, she oversees all phases of the research process from ideation to execution and reporting. She develops project timelines, discussion guides and questionnaires, programs survey logic, coordinates with vendors, executes in-depth interviews and focus groups, executes data analysis, writes interpretive analysis summaries and presents findings. In addition to research, Seleste is a sought-out public speaker, trainer and facilitator, working to translate dense research findings or projects into an understanding, engaging and useful story.


Prior to her career at Hahn Public, Seleste attended graduate school at Texas State where she earned her Master’s in Communication Studies. Her work focused on a few key areas; instructional communication, organizational assessment, small group interactions and intercultural communication; all of which continue to inform her work approach at Hahn Public. Seleste loves Texas State so much she refused to leave and continues to teach a night class in communication as an adjunct lecturer.


Seleste is a self-proclaimed wine-o with three black cats. She enjoys spending time with her family at their river-side hill-country home. She can be found working out, gardening or watching movies on any other given day.


  • Research & Business Development
  • Qualitative methods
  • Facilitation 
University Degrees
  • BA in Public Relations - Texas State University
  • BA in Spanish - Texas State University
  • MA in Communication Studies - Texas State University 

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