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Vice President, Media Services


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A graduate of the Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University, Russ is one of Texas’ most effective media relations practitioners. His 20 years of experience in covering multiple sides of public issues as a reporter has equipped him to gather opinions of community leaders and stakeholder groups and identify potential issues. Russ’ expertise in media relations has connected Hahn Public clients with publications such as Business Week and The New York Times, as well as broadcast networks including CNN and NBC.


Russ also helps clients get the most out of their media interviews by leading Hahn Public’s well-recognized spokesperson message training workshops. Russ travels throughout the country and conducts more than 100 media training workshops per year for clients such as Whole Foods Market, Tesoro, ONEOK, Whataburger, and Baylor Scott & White Healthcare. Russ also oversees the firm’s’ video production and interactive media department and has produced award-winning video news releases and other video projects for clients used for marketing and internal relations.

  • Multimedia Services
  • Spokesperson Training
  • Media Relations
University Degrees
  • B.A. Arizona State University
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  • Partner – Predictive Media Network

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