Predictive Media Interviewing


Who knows what question a reporter will ask? We do.

A hidden pattern drives every media interview, and we’ve cracked the code. After nearly three years of research, our team has developed the world’s first and only statistically-based media training model capable of predicting what questions will be asked in an interview and the sequence in which they’ll be served up. Our reporter led workshops equip spokespeople with the secrets.

You’ll benefit from Predictive Media Interviewing if:

  • You want to be a spokesperson ready to engage media interviews full of confidence.
  • You want your team to understand and practice proven and persuasive media interviewing techniques.
  • You’re ready to embrace an easy-to-learn 7-step process that’ll ensure you’re ready for any media interview, no matter how difficult the subject.
  • Agenda

    The four or eight-hour workshops includes dozens of video examples, a Thomas-Kilmann conflict style assessment, up to three live interviews and affirmative, video-based feedback and coaching.

  • Logistics

    At our studio or a client’s conference room site.

  • Materials

    An amazingly compact pocket-ready handout guides the entire workshop.

  • Capacity

    Maximum 35

  • Pricing

    Contact us for a custom quote suited to your needs. Our pricing includes one day of semi-customization preparation.

Russ Rhea

Russ Rhea


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