Outage Outreach


Imagine your customers without their power, water or gas for three days. Trust us. It’s ugly.

Utilities face the prospect of service interruptions or outages every day. Weather conditions or even a squirrel in the wrong place at the wrong time can cause significant headaches. Effective communication to your customers during outages is an expectation in today’s plugged-in world.

Hahn Public’s outage outreach workshop and simulator puts your utility in a position to meet and go beyond customer expectations when the gas stops flowing, the water doesn’t work and the grid is gone.

Participants leave this 1-day workshop with a full understanding of the emotional escalation customers experience in an outage and how smart communication strategies can be used at each emotional stage to maintain positive customer relations.

  • Agenda
    • In the workshop portion of the day, you’ll learn the People Under Pressure model – a five-stage escalation process map of people’s emotional states in an outage. You’ll also be introduced to five persuasive communication tactics your utility can deploy during each emotional state and your customer service reps can use to reassure and redirect frustration. We’ll also go in-depth on how to turn social media into your ally during times of distress.
    • In the simulator, we’ll take all the workshop lessons and put your team through their paces. Simulators are customized to suit each group’s needs. We use affirmative coaching techniques to maintain a quality learning environment and satisfying experience.
  • Logistics

    At Hahn Public or client’s conference room site

  • Materials

    No individual pre-work is necessary. The workshop is facilitated and all output is captured electronically.

  • Capacity

    Maximum 20 in workshop

  • Pricing

    $695 per participant + travel if applicable

Ryan Orendorf

Ryan Orendorf


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