Does Your Brand Have a Halo?

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A brand halo is the goodwill extended by the public to organizations who take steps to develop a positive reputation. Brand halos serve as virtual shields to protect a brand in the event of a crisis according to Coombs & Holladay in their 2006 article, “Unpacking the halo effect: Reputation and crisis management.” Quick Case … Read More

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble: Using Informed Consent to Move a Development Project Forward

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A number of regions across the U.S. are experiencing real estate booms: Nashville, TN; Denver, Co; and Austin, TX. All three are among the hottest areas in the country for 2018. While some cities embrace the growth, others adopt a “not-in-my-backyard” philosophy, driven by interest groups dead-set against any new construction. To move a development … Read More

3-Minute Case Study: Florida International University Bridge Collapse Incident

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FIU Bridge CollapseCredit: DroneBase via AP

In 2001, Tom Davenport and John Beck authored a book called The Attention Economy and started their work with this quote: “Understanding and managing attention is now the single most important determinant of business success.” This idea was created in the context that attention span is increasingly shorter. In related research, our firm found that … Read More

Universities Under Fire: Reputation Challenges & Image Repair

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Reputation management, along with a host of challenges universities are facing, has reached every president’s or chancellor’s office. Speech has been weaponized, outrage is amplified by social and traditional media, everyone is an expert in front of the camera, and administrators seem to be consistently behind-the-curve in their responses. One of the more complex and … Read More