Texas State University

Delivering on a Barrage of Achievements

Every year, Texas State University holds a convocation ceremony to reflect on the past year and celebrate the many achievements of Texas State students, faculty and staff. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University had to quickly move the annual event online.

The Challenge

Develop an Engaging Video with 10+ Minutes of Content, ASAP

With everything the staff had on their plate, including the transition to a virtual platform, they needed help creating an achievements video just one month before the event.

When the University turned to Hahn Public for support, the team was tasked with scripting, filming and delivering a video highlighting a long list of faculty and student achievements. The goal? Keep the video engaging and concise.

The Solution

Recruit TXST Students as Narrators

Video projects of this larger scale typically take at least two months to execute. With a short deadline, the Hahn Public team recommended a smart approach: Recruit two Texas State University students to narrate the video for relatability and authenticity. The team filmed the students on various notable steps and landmarks around the Texas State San Marcos campus, including on-camera footage and b-roll shots.

This strategy proved successful as the two narrators and varying on-screen visuals not only helped cut down the original video length but also kept the video engaging and upbeat.

Video - S5qK29EA9pY
The Results

Achieved Video On-Time, On-Brand

Hahn Public’s team delivered on the “barrage of achievements,” and the video performed successfully at the annual convocation, earning praise from Texas State University President Trauth.

The video is now housed on Texas State’s website: txstate.edu/convocation2020