The Failure That is Facebook Stories

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In the past year, you may have noticed that a handful of social networks recently started rolling out a “stories” function, similar to the one Snapchat originally brought to popularity. Facebook, the king of social media, recently entered the space and is performing surprisingly poorly. Facebook’s sloppy roll-out of the story functionality likely won’t take … Read More

Gamification: Giving A New Framework To An Old Buzzword

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TL;DR Version Gamification – the application of game design elements and game principles in non-game contexts – isn’t a new idea. However, thanks to Yu-kai Chou and his ten years of research on the subject matter, marketers have a solid gamification framework called “Octalysis” to work from. While most systems are focused on “function-focused design,” … Read More

Facebook Changed Their News Feed Algorithm: What’s A Brand To Do?

Doug BohrerBlog, Social Media

Facebook recently announced a significant change to its News Feed algorithm that prioritizes content from friends and family over that of brands and publishers. The update comes on the heels of a greater effort to keep its 1.71 billion users more engaged. Any seasoned digital marketer will tell you that the shift is nothing entirely … Read More