In Dockless Discussion, Partnership is Key

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Dockless Bike Scooter Discussion

Riding a bike or scooter around town might not sound controversial, but lately cities have a different perspective. As the number of dockless bikes and scooters have ballooned, challenges have followed. Despite the many benefits of this emerging transportation option, negative sentiment has magnified its drawbacks. “Bike litter” permeates the media with images of cluttered … Read More

Not in Nashville: Lessons From A Failed Transit Referendum

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City residents bemoan long commutes in gridlocked traffic and generally favor public transit options. Public transportation confers numerous benefits – lower commuting costs, less time spent in traffic and cleaner air. Then why did Nashville voters soundly reject a referendum to expand public transit for the city? And what does this mean for other emerging … Read More

A Survival Guide for Ridesharing Companies in Austin

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Now that the dust has settled with Uber and Lyft’s departure from Austin, numerous ridesharing companies are attempting to fill the gap. As you’ve seen in your news feeds, there’s been a large influx in new ridesharing companies coming to the Austin area over the past couple months, yet little have matched the reliable technology … Read More

Solving Austin’s Traffic Problem, One Nudge at a Time

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Austin traffic … we’ve all heard ad nauseam just how bad it is. But to help pass the time as I sit in traffic, I catch up on podcasts. And the other day, on NPR’s Hidden Brain, one queued up on my playlist about…you guessed it… traffic. As a consultant at an infrastructure communication firm, … Read More