3-Minute Case Study: Florida International University Bridge Collapse Incident

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FIU Bridge Collapse
Credit: DroneBase via AP

In 2001, Tom Davenport and John Beck authored a book called The Attention Economy and started their work with this quote: “Understanding and managing attention is now the single most important determinant of business success.” This idea was created in the context that attention span is increasingly shorter. In related research, our firm found that the average length of a soundbite in the news media is now 8.95 seconds. A 2015 study by Microsoft measured the attention span of an average American adult at 8 seconds while at the same time, found that goldfish have about a 12-second attention span.

With this post, I’m wondering about attention span in two dimensions:

  1. Is it easier to read a chronology of events and scoring tabulation like that done below to convey how Image Repair Theory works?
  2. Did the quest for speed divert Florida International University’s attention from engineering fundamentals leading to the bridge collapse?


Download the Case Study.pdf

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