Hahn, Hahn Public’s parent agency, has acquired Statistical Vision.
Our new agency combines predictive data with powerful design to make the complex, irresistibly compelling.

Public Communication and Marketing Services for Public-serving Brands since 1974.

A Few of our Remarkable Clients.

Capital Metro
One Gas
St. David’s Foundation
Texas State University System
Georgetown Health Foundation
Public-serving clients are often under-appreciated for the work they do to make everyday life possible. They may seem unremarkable to most, but Hahn Public sees them differently. We believe they are remarkable and love helping them tell their stories, change public attitudes and even shape public behaviors.
Jeff Hahn
Principal, Hahn Public



Data-gathering, in-depth analysis, metric dashboards and trend spotting, all in one Google Analytics-certified place.


Interconnected brand positioning, campaign design and messaging.

Audience Engagement

A one-stop shop for Paid and Programmatic Placement, Influencer and Media Relations and Social Campaigns


Facilitation, ideation, copywrite-azation, graphic design-azation, website-ifiication, animation, podcast and video content creation and more-ations.

Spokesperson Training

The industry’s best –– the Predictive Media Network.

Crisis Communications

A 30-year practice area for the firm with 24/7 rapid response capabilities and staff.

Hahn Public: Public Communication and Marketing Services for Public-serving Brands.