Mueller / Catellus

The Nation’s Most Successful P3 Urban Renewal Project

For 16 years, Mueller, a Catellus Corporation public-private partnership with the City of Austin, was the largest, most complex urban-infill development project in the U.S.

The Challenge

Transform a 700-acre Airport and Redefine a City

The goal of Mueller was straightforward: Transform the former 700-acre Robert Mueller Municipal Airport into the nation’s premier example of how public-private partnerships can redefine a city. Along the way, build trust with historically gentrified neighborhoods and establish a culture of community ownership among new homeowners.

Catellus Corporation, one of the country’s most sophisticated urban-infill developers, turned to Hahn Public to create a 360-degree communications and community relations program capable of shaping the narrative of the development, involving stakeholders and showcasing Mueller to a national audience.

The Solution

Create a Vision for Mueller’s Redevelopment

A project the size of Mueller requires marrying the long-term vision with short-term milestones. Our team took this long/short viewpoint and built a stakeholder engagement model capable of sharing the vision for Mueller’s redevelopment with the public. At the same time, nearby residents were concerned about what the transformation might mean for their neighborhoods. Through community outreach and a public awareness campaign, Hahn Public was successful in transitioning the public’s concerns into excitement for the development.

Extensive Scope of Work

For 16 years, Hahn Public’s scope of work included media relations, special event planning — a street naming contest to honor diverse Austin icons was one of our favorites — community outreach, public affairs assistance, social media marketing, visual design, video production and monitoring/reporting.

Creating a Unified Brand Concept

Our creative team created a unified brand concept for Mueller’s Town Center to make it a destination for shopping, dining, playing and living. These efforts combined to create a sense of excitement, positive perceptions, support and momentum for Mueller.

Aldrich Street Entertainment District

Austin’s darling neighborhood, Mueller, wanted to introduce the Aldrich Street Entertainment District to Austinites. Now, Austinites know where Mueller is, but with all the many entertainment options in Austin, why would they want to come to Aldrich Street? We thought it needed a little more “life” to it, so we coined the name to the “A Street District”, made a smart little logomark and some fun digital ads believing it would make it more memorable. Mueller is home to a host of popular things to do in Austin. A nice park to exercise or run in, food and drink establishments such as Alamo Drafthouse, The Thinkery (Austin Children’s Museum) and much more. And the “Let’s Meet There” positioning became an active and positive invitation for friends to meet to do things together.

You Should Love Where You Live AND Work

This animated video was created to show an overview of what a vibrant area Aldrich Street really is and what makes it so special as the heart of Mueller.
Video - 5532ROlNTm0
The Results

Through these efforts and an unwavering eye on the long-term vision of the transformation underway, the Hahn Public team racked up impressive outreach success.

We facilitated more than 150 public meetings or outreach opportunities ranging from town halls to online surveys; and generated more than 300 features and 2,500 mentions about Mueller in earned media ranging from neighborhood newsletters to every major local media outlet to the New York Times and New Urban News. Today, Mueller is regarded in urban renewal circles as a national model for not only the outcomes, but the process for achieving those outcomes.

150 +

Outreach opportunities
From town hall meetings to online surveys

300 +



Earned media mentions
Including major local media outlets, the New York Times and New Urban News